The tumor suppressor gene database (TSGDB) contains updated information on 174 tumor suppressor genes and putative tumor suppressor genes in humans and other organisms. This database is intended to serve as a useful resource for clinical and basic cancer research. Users can view information on each individual tumor suppressor gene, or query for such genes by using pertinent features. To pose a query, the user can input more than one keywords in each feature slot except the features "source organism" and "chromosome number".

The data in this database were originally collected from NCBI Entrezs, OMIM, SwissProt, GeneCards, and PubMed.
The database was developed and published by Yanming Yang and Li M. Fu under a project led by Li M. Fu.
The database is free for public use. However, users must acknowledge any use of the database in their works.
Last modified: Monday, January 27, 2003
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